I have been a watchdog of my master for eons and I intend to preserve my eonic watchdog status forever. I am a good watchdog. Indefatigably, I guard my master’s inexhaustible and everlasting estate. I always follow his footsteps. I live with Him wherever he takes his abode. He has been on the holy grounds of Saint Francis of the Woods for some durable expanse of tinge and I am with Him in every aspect. As a matter of fact, I growl, grunt, whimper and bark as soon as I sense some oddballs, crackling shells, screeching stilts, and tolling bells. I am very happy with my dog nature. He doesn’t yell at me when. I bark. He only says, “Uh! Uh! Oh! Oh!, indicating that he knows something is wrong and that He is taking action. I take the hint and stop barking. He is very kind to me. I think it is my duty to comply with the rules and regulations which he has established from the beginning of time. It is also my nature, apart from my “dog nature” to carry out his wishes expressed in silence. He has given me a keen sense of hearing and an admirable sense of seeing and smelling. I understand his language.

Sometimes I sleep in his bed in the coldest of nights and know by instinct that He doesn’t mind. Very often He places his loving hands over my body and caresses my fur.

I have the habit of asking him., “Master, I am getting old and my present sojourn with you might come to an end. Who will take care of your estate when I am gone?” He smiles and. says, “Do not worry, your abode is always in my heart. Do not stop growling and barking whenever you sense unusual activities which are detrimental to my cause. Your growling will be transformed into music to the world at large and your barking will be like a thunder bolt to the wrong doers. Now you just close your eyes and sleep.”

That day He patted my head and His soothing touch lulled me into sleep.

When I opened my eyes it was morning. He opened the door for me. I went out and sat under his favorite tree looking at the golden orb of the rising sun. My master was still with me with. Hi-; disarming smile.

Bow! Wow! Wow! Shyam

December l4, 2002