Dr. Sandra Canzone and Dr. David Canzone

Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Ayurveda: Integrative Medicine Specialists

Offering a wide variety of services to treat the whole person: Pain management, Treatment and Support for the Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation, Homeopathy, Nutritional Support and Assessment, East Asian and Ayurvedic Herbal therapies, Women’s Health, Pediatrics and Integrative Massage and Bodywork.


Ave: A Folk Opera of the of the Two Marys 

Ave is a contemporary interpretation of the sacrificial, transcendent mother of Jesus and the sensual, passionate Mary Magdalene. Nature, the glory of the divine feminine, surrenders only to Spirit. Virginal integrity, submits to the Holy Spirit in the youthful Mary, but, it awaits living proof of God as the Son in the “Black Madonna” Mary Magdalene. Both the light and dark aspects of the divine feminine illuminate the path of grace for the human soul. The recordings archive both the live performed musical and studio renditions. “What a splendid and stunning achievement!” says Jean Houston,PhD. internationally acclaimed writer & speaker.


Mundo Tercero

Tercero Mundo or Mundo Tercero  (Third World) is a modern musical about Diego, a disillusioned, recently drug addicted young man, who travels with a Good Samaritan friend to a third world country. They go to help prevent the kidnapping and trafficking of children. Caught in a war torn political climate, the citizens are terrified and intimidated by a ruthless regime, resisted by guerillas and an idealistic, local, educated aid worker with a strong spiritual faith and sense of justice. Initially rebuffed by this young woman, Diego wins her love and respect by daringly helping her to free two daughters of a local family.