2003 © S. Kashyap

Oh Mighty One

Oh Great One, one day very soon, the rain will come the river will rise,
and I will swim across to meet You, to greet You, oh Great One.

Every time I send my thoughts of gratitude, they are blown away by the wind of time. Like flower petals, they wither and fall away before they reach You, oh Beautiful One.

Some day my soul will ride the ripples of joy and the waves of bliss. My spirit will soar to the heights of peace and the depths of love. And in faith I bow, oh Glorious One.

My heart will open and open in earnest to contain the fury of creation and the joy of elation, true to every revelation, without separation, oh Mighty One.

A message from Shyam

Where there is love, there is the heart
Where there is love, and heart there is God
Where there is God, there is peace and tranquility
Where there is peace and tranquility, there is unending creation
Where there is unending creation, there is super recreation
Where there is super recreation, there is joy
Where there is joy, there is eternal life
Where there is eternal life, there is paradise
Where there is paradise, there is immense happiness
With no strings attached!


 Communication, Consultation, Cooperation


Communication, consultation, cooperation and compliance are the basic requirements for any organization evolving in the orbital space of human aspiration and spiritual sempiternity. Order and discipline are of paramount importance for the process of growth and dignity. Order is, essentially, spirituality in action; discipline is, delightfully, mind in harmony. To realize this simple truth is to live life abundantly and gracefully in loving action.



Through joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure,
The Soul comes to a knowledge of itself.
Shri Krishna Kashyap


You cannot know God,
You only can love God….
If a man does not find the temple in his heart He will never find his heart in the temple.

Shri Krishna Kashyap