“And through this body we serve everything that has been created; by planting trees you serve Nature, by planting trees and watering them, you talk to people, you serve by talking, then you treat people, you serve by treating, and you serve yourself by eating, by thinking.”

“Broadly I’ll tell you what is good to eat, lot of grains, lot of vegetables; that is 60% of grains, 30% of vegetables, and 10% of proteins.”

“Because in the ancient times people didn’t think about vitamins and minerals because there senses were so sensitive they could really understand what to eat.”

“And the diseases you call have come from the Wants, not from the Needs, but from the Wants” “So the Wants have given rise or have breed the diseases” ” It is philological, physical, mental, everything. Every want we have, and our wants are so great we cannot cope with it we call it Emotions”

“Emotions are nothing but produced by the Wants, we cannot cope.

“So if the emotions are not in motion, if they are stagnant, that’s how the problem comes. If they are just flowing like the river then there won’t be any problems.”

“That person says this body is mine, are you working on that very body or that which says ‘the body is mine’.” [Students reply: you’re working on that which says the body is mine.] “Right, when you realize that you are ready.”

“Life process is a mathematical precise formula, you must carry exactly what you need, and that comes from when you’re integrated. When you realize this I is not this body.”

“Why you have got a body you know is Nature’s great gift to experience, to experience yourself as the creation. Not as so and so.”

“Only the human body can experience it–so the human body is so important; it is just not five feet some inches and so many pounds. It is so immense.”

“Consciously you have to experience certain things. That means, what happens is your conscious expanded to such an extent that it has covered everything.” “But if you consciously experience all those things that means you are experiencing the entire universe consciously, not unconsciously after death.” “Even after death, you don’t experience death even.”

“The real intelligent expression of all those things is in your life. And when death comes there is a resurrection and that is what so many people who have experienced out of body experiences have seen this light and splendor. In that sense we don’t die. ”

“Because your remembrance is that body–therefore, when that body is gone there is no memory of it.”

“If you are integrated and embedded in that intelligence there is always remembrance.”

“I know this and that, that’s the fragmentation of my personality.”

“But, this body is really meant to hold that consciousness which will expand and envelop the entire creation, and I will have that experience and enjoy it. Therefore life, it’s a joy; life is Joy. It comes from the eternal joy.”

“Life is spread over every where–this whole thing is life. But, when you say I live my life, I live my conditions, not life, just the conditions.”

“We fight for the labels, we die for the labels.”

“So the main point, what I’m trying to say is the health of everybody, all of us, depends upon the harmony that we establish in our life, that is actually health, a gift.”

“Grace is nothing but establishing harmony, if you establish harmony there is always grace upon you. That means you are graceful all the time.”

“When you do the message you can read allot of things from that, where the energy is stuck.”

“The touch is very important, when you touch a body, that touch is where the exchange of energy takes place. And if you have great Love for the patient, the patient will be healed because it is Love that heals.”

“What is the meaning of healing? It comes from the same root healing, holy, and healed. It is sacred. Whole and healed all come from the same root that means wholeness. To heal a person and to make one whole is the same meaning. And when you are whole you are holy, sacred.”

“Wholeness is integration of Body, Mind, and the Spirit.”

“We are slaves of the emotions, we are still slaves. We are not free; we are slaves to all the diseases, slaves to all kinds of shortcomings and upheavals.”

“Emotions are intangible yet they have a powerful influence.”

“We have a total misunderstanding about ourselves, and a total Mistaken Identity of the whole human being.”

“We have identified with these five feet and some inches of body and external appearance, not internal functions. Therefore we don’t know allot of things about ourselves.”

“You are not an external body but an internal immensity which is interconnected to the whole cosmic created energy. You are connected to everything that has been created.”

“I have studied this. I have studied that or what ever. See that’s the fragmentation of a healer.”

“If you identify things as a Rolfer, you’re not a healer. So you don’t identify. What I mean is: as you identify with the body and appearance, you identify with the words and what they do. That is not the total healing art.”

“Any technique will help; it’s not just the Rolfing that will help or acupuncture. Any technique will help if you are integrated. Any technique you use, will work, if you are integrated.”

“If you say I have healed this person, you can’t. That’s the ego. That will block the healing process. The healing is a spontaneous act, and even a healer doesn’t know he has healed a person.”

“One who perceives the wholeness of the creation can create wholeness in oneself.”

“In the wholeness of the creation a human being is a separated entity by identification.”

“What I’m trying to tell you is, that there are things in you that can’t be measured that can not be counted and they are more important than the things you count and measure.”

“And when you work on a person you are not just working on the bones and muscles, you are working on the whole person, and the whole person is immeasurable.”

” All things are created by that intelligence which is not tangible, which has given rise to all mysterious things which the intellect can not comprehend and healer is beyond all those things, healer is not intellect, but healer is embedded in the primordial intelligence that has created all those things.”

“It’s not the technique that makes a healer, not the technology that makes a healer but it is the essences behind all those things that I am the product of this intelligence which is whole always, that is why it cannot be unholy. It is always sacred, always holy, always whole. So you must know that a healer is that, nothing else.”

“…So it is an impartial, impersonal, spontaneous, divine act that works through you–you are an instrument.”