The Kingdom of God on earth is a myth. There is neither the possibility of the so-called Kingdom of God on earth nor that of the demon. It is man always and man throughout.

The concept of progress of a fragment outside of the whole is no progress and, likewise, the idea of survival of a fragment apart from the whole is no survival.

Every dusk passes into night. Every dawn breaks into day. Likewise, in every life the cloud clears, light comes and insight dawns. But the dawn of insight fails to meet the light of day.

The human psyche is actually trapped within the phantasmagoria of the process of becoming. Having no space for expansion, it is passing through a bottleneck termed existence.

Life is life, an indivisible movement running right through the universal blueprint.

Relationship, which is the unity of all life, has become thought promoted formality.

Relationship is deeper than what appears. It is deeper than the skin, thicker than the blood, and subtler than the breath.

The ‘other’ is not a myth nor a figment of imagination or a romantic, other-worldly individual or a day-dreaming poet, but a living reality in which all the currents of life meet and merge.

The self is the problem and the solution is also the Self.

If the Self is known, everything is known. If the Self is known, nothing remains unknown. If the Self is really known, it is known forever.

‘Love at first sight’ is meaningful if the first sight is the last sight, which can only happen in totality.

If man had ever thought of providing a small skylight to this prison, it would have surely served as a window on eternity.

Consciousness is living energy. Life is a movement in consciousness.

The recycling of the impulsive responses of the psyche to thought stimuli is carried out by the egocentric reversal of the psychosomatic energy. This energy is channeled and directed towards the inbuilt emotional reservoirs of consciousness on which the ship of life is set afloat.

There should be no difference between religion and life. Life is what it is and that is the truth.

When our limited energy diminishes in the course of our wanton activities, we try to supplement it by resorting to external exercises, vitamins, minerals and tonics.

Energy is total in itself and in its totality lies the unity of all life.

Even though man is said to have been created in the image of God, man has drifted away from the source by following the course of desires.

A choice-less mind is a religious mind.

The Cosmic Law, the Law of the Immeasurable, is called Dharma. This is also the Law of humanity, the Law of the gods, and the Law of all sentient beings.

To be out of tension, life should be exposed to the light of intelligence and wisdom.

The Dharma of man is an unconcerned movement of action in goodness.

The Shoreless Ocean © 1978, 2004